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Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

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Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine If you learned to sew on the classic black Singer sewing machine, or remember your mom or grandma using one, then this stylish, retro shaped machine will put you in mind of that rugged little workhorse. This mo …

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Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

If you learned to sew on the classic black Singer sewing machine, or remember your mom or grandma using one, then this stylish, retro shaped machine will put you in mind of that rugged little workhorse.

This modern incarnation’s metallic silver finish gives the machine a contemporary flair and with all its features, you’ll have everything you need for fast and efficient sewing.

Features Of The Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

The 231 computerized stitches are great for decorating garments and accessories, and with stitches designed specifically for stretch fabrics, buttonholes and alphanumeric block letters, this selection of stitches is more than enough to satisfy almost every seamstress. It also includes an automatic twin needle function for even more decorative stitch options.

The LCD screen provides information on each stitch, including an image, the length and width. The settings are auto-set, but they can be overridden and personalized for your specific needs. You’re not locked in to someone’s idea of the perfect stitch setting.

The arm of the Singer 90s measures 14.7”, so it’s great for big projects and quilting. This feature, along with its free arm for collars and cuffs, makes the machine very versatile for all your large and small projects. There are machines with larger throats for really large and bulky quilting or sewing, but for many projects, this space gives ample room for manipulating your material.
Features like the triple LED lighting, the drop-in bobbin, programmable needle up or down function and the Swiftsmart threading system with automatic threader makes this machine easy to use.

The start/stop button with integrated speed control makes it easy to use your machine with or without a foot pedal, and the ability to limit the speed allows for safe stitching with thick, bulky layers of fabrics. The presser foot has extra high clearance to accommodate those heavy layers, and the rigid, metal frame ensures a durable and properly aligned machine for years of use.

For occasions when you need speed, the Singer 90s can stitch at speeds of up to 750 stitches per minute, so you’ll get your project completed in record time.

The Singer 90s comes with all the standard accessories you’ll need to start sewing right out of the box. Your new Singer includes the following:
Sewing Feet for Satin Stitch, Blind Hemming, Zipper installation, a Buttonhole foot with an Underplate and an All-Purpose Foot. Also included in the soft sided cover are Bobbins, Needles, Thread Spool Caps, Spool Pin Felt, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Lint Brush/Seam Ripper and Needle Plate Screwdriver.

Its beauty goes deeper than the surface.

Your sewing machine should be as glamorous as you! With its metallic silver finish, the SINGER 90S Special Edition sewing machine will captivate you immediately. But its beauty goes deeper than the surface. Ease-of-use features like SwiftSmart Threading with Automatic Needle Threader, DROP & SEW™ Bobbin system with automatic bobbin thread pick-up and a Presser Foot Sensor make set-up quick and simple. The vintage-inspired hand wheel and black accents make this sewing machine the perfect display piece!

Features OF The Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

  • 231 Built-In Stitches with 1,000+ Stitch Functions
  • Basic, stretch, decorative, buttonholes, alphanumeric
  • LCD Screen with Stitch Selection Dial
  • Provides clear and easy viewing of stitch settings including the number of the selected stitch, an image of the selected stitch, and stitch width and stitch length settings
  • Block Alphabets and Numerals Included
  • Personalize projects by adding a monogram, name or phrase with the built-in block style alphabet and numeric stitches.
  • SwiftSmart Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader
  • Sewing's biggest time saver! Sewers guide the thread directly from the spool to the needle area through a single groove and thread the needle by simply pressing the lever for true, simple one-touch threading!
  • Stitch Memory with Editing
  • Allows you to save and edit select stitch combinations to create personalized patterns and designs.
  • Automatic Twin Needle Mode
  • Twin needle decorative stitches at the push of a button
  • Automatic Stitch Length & Width
  • Optimal settings for stitch length and width are automatically set, but can be overridden for more personalized sewing.
  • Programmable Needle Up/Down
  • The needle can be programmed to stop in the highest up position, making it easier to remove fabric from the machine. The needle can also be programmed to stop in the down position which is ideal for pivoting, appliquéing and quilting.
  • Pattern Elongation on Select Decorative Stitches
  • Enhances your options and creativity
  • Presser Foot Sensor with Error Message and Buzzer
  • Ensures the presser foot is in the proper position for an easy start. The machine will not begin to sew if the presser foot is raised, reducing the chance of thread bunching.
  • Drop and Sew Bobbin System
  • With this special top drop-in bobbin system, there’s no longer any need to raise the bobbin thread before sewing. Just drop and sew!
  • 3 Staybright LED Lights
  • Not just one but three lamps illuminate the sewing surface for optimal viewing. The long-lasting bulbs (100,000 hours) stay cool regardless of how long the machine is being operated.
  • Feed Dog Control
  • A conveniently located lever, easily and effortlessly moved, will lower the feed dogs for free-motion embroidery, monograms and for sewing buttons.
  • Extra-Large Sewing Space
  • The arm of the machine measures 14.7” providing a more spacious work area—an essential for quilting, home décor sewing or when working with other large projects.
  • Start/Stop Button and Speed Control
  • Easy Sewing at your own speed, with or without the foot control
  • Vintage Inspired Design & Graphics
  • Nostalgic filigree and signature machine curves pay tribute to our classic historic machine designs.
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lift
  • Offers more clearance, which is needed when placing multiple layers of bulky fabric under the presser foot
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • The internal rigid support holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for skip-free sewing and overall durability.
  • Sewing Speed
  • Projects can be sewn quickly with a maximum speed of 750 stitches-per-minute.
  • Automatic Reverse
  • Push the conveniently located automatic reverse button to sew in reverse and reinforce the stitch.
  • Free Arm
  • Provides easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems and other difficult to reach areas
  • Value Added Accessories 
  • Beading Foot, Braiding Foot, Chenille Stitching Foot, Cording Foot, Darning / Freehand Embroidery Foot, Edge Joining Foot, Fancy Trim Foot, Fringe Foot, Invisible Zipper Foot , Open Toe Foot, Roller Foot, Wing (Hemstitch) Needle, Presser Foot Shank
  • Standard Accessories
  • All-Purpose Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Buttonhole Foot with Underplate, Zipper Foot, Needles, Bobbins (Class 15J), Spool Pin Felt, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Thread Spool Caps, Needle Plate Screwdriver, Lint Brush/ Seam Ripper and Soft-Sided Cover
  • Accessory Storage
  • The accessories are conveniently stored in the removable storage compartment providing easy access.

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Benefits and Features Of The Singer Special Edition 90S Sewing Machine

Download The Singer Special Edition 90S Sewing Machine Quick Start Guide HERE FREE!

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Download The Singer Special Edition 90S Sewing Machine Manual HERE FREEE!

Singer 90S Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer serves sewing on a silver platter. Sure, this shimmery, sleek machine is stunning to look at, but it's so much more than just a pretty package. Consider its 231 built-in stitches, extra-large sewing space, SwiftSmart threading system, heavy-duty metal frame and loads of accessories. Ready to start stitching? Let Singer help you shine.

Purchase The Singer Special Edition 90S Sewing Machine From HSN

What You Get

  • Standard accessories package
  • Value-added accessories package
  • Manufacturer's 25-year/5-year/1-year limited warranties

Standard Accessories Package

  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot with underplate
  • Blind hem foot
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Pack of needles
  • 4 Class 15J bobbins (3 + 1 in machine)
  • 3 Thread spool caps
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Spool pin felt
  • Needle plate screwdriver
  • Seam ripper/lint brush
  • Soft-sided dust cover
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual with stitch guide
  • Quick-start guide

Value-Added Accessories Package

  • Beading foot
  • Braiding foot
  • Chenille stitching foot
  • Cording foot
  • Darning/freehand embroidery foot
  • Edge joining foot
  • Fancy trim foot
  • Fringe foot
  • Invisible zipper foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Roller foot
  • Wing (hemstitch) needle
  • Presser foot shank
  • Value-added instructions


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